1. PS Entry for Cape Town ‘Africa is Now’ competition.


    December 2, 2013 by pspeopleofthesun

    In case you dont know Cape Town is World Design Capita 2014 ! And they launched a competition for exciting designs happening in Africa.

    We submitted Blantyre Jar


    People of the Sun – Blantyre Jar

    and the amazing Cone Stool


    People of the Sun – Cone Stool

    Hopefully they will love these products as much as we do!!!

  2. Looking forward to Monday!

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    September 15, 2013 by pspeopleofthesun

    You dont need much or a big wallet to organise a creative, inspiring office! Here is the one of our Executive Director! tata….

    New office, new start! Great things coming up for People of the Sun!

    just with pine …. from this …


    to this


  3. Cone Stool, a creative partnership between Rentaro Nishimura, Mango Club and People of the Sun

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    March 6, 2013 by pspeopleofthesun

    The problem that artisans around the world have is access to design! Artisans usually have fantastic skills and their products are evident of unique craftmanship…but their products most of the times are of very outdated design. As a result their products are not competitive in an international arena. People of the Sun, we aim to combine design with indigenous craftmanship and help artisans move out of poverty through trade.

    Se we started a new series called “being Inspired and Inspirational” ! A series where a designer gets inspired by indigenous traditions and artisans get inspired by the designer!


    And our first collaboration is with London-based designer Rentaro Nishimura! Rentaro graduated from the Architectural Association, School of Architecture in 2004. After working in architectural practices, he shifted his interest to smaller scale projects such as furniture, product design and fashion. His work has won numerous awards and has been showcased in prestigious shops and galleries all over the world, including the Pompidou Centre in Paris and the Saatchi Gallery in London.

    We sent to Rentaro Pictures of the art of basket weaving….and Rentaro came up with the smartest solution ever! A basket within a bakest, that becomes 2 nesting stools!



  4. People of the Sun develop a rural prototype for artisans in Malawi.

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    February 20, 2013 by pspeopleofthesun

    People of the Sun are developing a rural prototype for artisans in Malawi.

    A prototype that is replicable


    PS presentation.pdf

    We presented our process at the launch of awep malawi.

    you can see our presentation slides here PS presentation

  5. African Women Entrepreneurship Programme – AWEP malawi & People of the Sun

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    February 2, 2013 by pspeopleofthesun

    People of the Sun was part of the newly formed AWEP Malawi.
    AWEP is a United States Department of State Initiative launched in July 2010 with the primary objective of achieving greater participation of women entrepreneurs in the economies of Africa.

    Based on information shared between agriculture groups and craft groups a question was raised this evening.
    What if … we combine agricultural activities with craft in rural Malawi?

    Malawi is an agriculture based economy, depending on rain-fed subsistence farming. Everybody in rural Malawi, including an artisan, is essentially a farmer…everything else is just practiced alongside.

    However data by agricultural groups showed that an average rural farmer works for about 70hrs a year!

    Now this is time with economic return, excluding time spent to fetch water, collect fire wood, walk to the field etc.

    More specifically

    Farming happens between October to April.

    If we break it down, farmers spend :

    – 1 week in October for clearing the land (when we say a week we mean 2 hrs every morning).

    – 1 week as soon as the first rains come for rigging

    – 2 days for planting seeds

    – 2 weeks later on for weeding

    – 1 week for fertilisers (if its not legumes)

    – 1 week in April to harvest.

    The crops they harvest, are mainly for their own consumption, which many times are not enough to sustain them for a year…. and only some are for sale, but the income they make is TRIVIAL.

    – Then they wait for the next season in October!

    That’s 70 hours a year and we can round it to 100 .

    An average employee works 8 hours a day, 5 days a week… 46 working weeks a year = 2070hrs

    100 hours vs 2070= 5% of Time with economic return

    PS presentation.pdf

    We need to support alternative means of livelihoods that can co-exist with farming!

  6. Exploring the creative sector in Mulanje, Malawi

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    January 8, 2013 by pspeopleofthesun

    We visited Mulanje to look for artisans with super powers!!!


    We discovered a group of 500 women making brooms every day supplying the whole of the country!!



    Fish traps, that can be transformed into something else!


    A by-product that seems to have an interesting texture! …furniture maybe?


    A groups making stoves out of local clay.


    A group of men making the most intricate carvings!




    Lots of creativity and skill in Mulanje….that we the input of People of the Sun can transform into something wow!!!! Or so we think ! 😉

  7. Malawi Chairs

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    December 6, 2012 by pspeopleofthesun

    We saw this bicycle carrying the most beautiful chairs … and we followed him….almost like detectives!

    ….and we discovered Tiynjani club! The club was established in 1979 by Mr Amos and his wife. Now it consists of about 100 people!


    and thats the process of how a malawi chair is made


    and there must always be an image of the kids posing!